This article follows the path where my last post left, because I couldn’t figure out a way to add more and edit the current text.  (#noviceproblems)

Let me begin by defining draconian: rigorous, unusually severe or cruel.

This is important because it is a word the President used to describe proposed cuts during his 2012 Associated Press Luncheon. I wonder if his opinion has changed in the past year and a half when the House passed a bill that would cut 8% in energy and water development for 2014.

The best point of this article is when the author proposes cutting the Dept of Energy entirely because the Dept of Defense can cover the nuclear arsenal (do we really need checks and balances for this?) and the National Science Foundation could handle any research functions. Though it sounds harsh to those who would be at risk for losing their job if something like this happened, in reality, the only way I can see to circumvent a horrific financial depression is to eliminate entire departments and organizations. That being said, I am not proposing the elimination of programs like welfare, food stamps, and medicaid… yet. I am proposing a reevaluation of the entire federal system to consolidate and/or eliminate redundant spending and programs.